Announcing: DSX Suite

Dynamic Stereo X-Ray application suite for processing biplanar videoradiography data.

Enables rapid, robust, and reliable bone pose estimation
from radiographic image sequences with minimal operator intervention...

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Visual3D v6 Professional

Visual3D is an advanced research software package
for the Biomechanical Analysis of your 3D motion capture data.

It has the analytical tools you need for performing complex biomechanical
modeling, kinematics, kinetics, and much more...

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Visual3D Seminar - February 10-11 - Hosted by Inter Reha Corp - Japan

DSX Workshop - ORS Conference, March 10 11:45 - New Orleans, LA, USA - Outline Here -
DSX Workshop - CMBBE Conference, March 26 - Lisbon Portugal

C-Motion Users Group Meeting - Germany - March 21-22 - Heidelberg Orthopaedic Hospital
C-Motion Users Group Meeting - UK - April 23-24 - Cardiff University

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Biomechanical data mining and classification.
Quality Assurance for your data.

Classify. Analyze. Reduce. Explore.




This is the latest release of Visual3D
that can be downloaded.

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C-Motion's Biomechanics Products

Research mathematics and motion capture software tools.

Visual3D Professional

The most complete set of mathematical tools for biomechanics analysis available anywhere. Define your own biomechanical models, analysis, and reports.

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The essential tool for calibrating force plates and instrumented treadmills with your motion capture system.

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New Product: Manage, query, classify (PCA), clean, and inspect extremely large data sets. Inpect3D can handle thousands of motion capture data files or even just a few to get more value from your data.

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DSX Suite

Dynamic Stero X-Ray application suite for processing dual flouroscopy data.

Enables rapid, robust, and reliable bone pose estimation from radiographic image sequences with minimal operator intervention...

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Lab calibration and marker tracking solution for Optitrack cameras as a biomechanics alternative to Motive that allows for individual marker tracking.

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Biofeedback Server

An SDK for writing your own biofeedback clients. It works with and enhances the real-time server to broadcast real-time biomechanics metrics from real-time motion capture data. It uses a Visual3D defined pose and analysis in real-time for clients apps to tap into.

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Several resources are available for learning Visual3D and other C-Motion products.

Biomechanics Textbook

Visual3D uses published approaches to biomechanics. Several C-Motion staff were contributors to this textbook.

Documentation Wiki

All product documentation is on-line and available for general access. Tutorials are there too.

Visual3D Training

You can arrange for on-site training, or come to one of our offices for training.