Biomechanics Protocols

Here are some of the protocols created by various vendors. These protocols require their own marker sets and provide a specific analysis that cannot be modified. They also require Reckon3D to run.

  • IOR Gait - a full-featured gait analysis protocol, with marker set, model, analysis, and report. Developed by Alberto Leardini at the Intitute Rizzoli and used thorought Europe and the world.

  • IOR Foot - A special foot model and analysis, comparable to the Oxford foot model.

  • The IOR protocols purchased from C-Motion are $2500 USD. However, Visual3D customers qualify for a $2000 discount.

Other companies, like Qualisys and NaturalPoint (Optitrack), have protocols either available or in development as well.

Consultants with the appropriate skills can work with customers, labs, or vendors to create protocols and resell Reckon3D as part of an overall biomechanics solution for addressing a specific situation, injury, sport, fitting, or other applications.

Documentation on the IOR Gait Protocol is here...